Steenkamp Wines

Steenkamp 2014




Mediterranean - The summers are hot and dry with cold, wet winters. The annual rainfall is about 800mm. Supplementary irrigation during summer.

Soil & Winemaking:

Well-drained gravel and coffee stone soils. Quality grapes are handpicked from selected vineyards and harvested at a full ripe stage (25ËšB). The crushed grapes are inoculated with pure yeast and fermented dry at 26 - 28 ËšC. Alcoholic fermentation is completed in about 7 - 8 days. The grapes are then pressed and after malolactic fermentation, aged in new and 2nd filled French oak barrels for 12 months.

Product description:

Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (66.6%) and Merlot (33.3%). Full-bodied, deep-red wine with lingering mouth feel. Upfront fruit, berry, minty and nutty aromas on the nose, and very well balanced. Elegant wine with good tannin structure and very good ageing potential